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Boulder Creek: offset sounholeIn the acoustic guitar word, Boulder Creek is certainly one of the most secret gems. There are not many stores offering those very distinctive guitars and even in those stores, they are not always easy to find.

I heard about Boulder Creek as I was in line to get my tickets for the 2010 NAMM show. I was discussing with the guy in front of me, who happened to be a big musical instrument distributor in Germany. The talk was quite interesting. He asked me about Boulder Creek. I knew about the brand but was not very familiar with their guitars. Than he told me that I really should give them a try, they were having quite a success in Germany.

Boulder Creek: Suspended Bracing System

There is one thing that is very obvious with Boulder Creek: innovation is more than a motto. For factory made guitars, they offer a bunch of innovation! One of a smarter move I have seen for a while: offering laminated sides and solid back and soundboard. It does not seem amazing but I do not know of anybody else doing this. When you know that the richness of the sound is coming mainly from those two parts, why would you pay an extra for the side. And when you think that laminated is easier to process – especially for sides which are critical in the overall guitar production process – you start to have an idea about the impact on your overall budget.

But Boulder Creek guitars are not sparing with innovations. Their bracings are one of a kind. Combined with no soundhole (soundport on the top side is preferred, sometime minor offset soundhole can be seen on jumbo models). With their suspended bracing, the guitar top vibrates freely but maintains its strength and stability.

Boulder Creek: in-board electronicsElectro-acoustic models offer both regular and XLR unbalanced output, which – combined with their house developed electronics – make Solitaires ideal stage guitars for an affordable budget. Boulder Creek is also putting some effort on details: 1:18 tuning peg ratio and on board tuner are features that makes their guitars definitely easier to play.

And to make things better, it’s always a pleasure to work with those guys. No big corporation feeling here!

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